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Supposedly creating a new GUI form should be a simple matter of right-clicking your project, package or src folder and go New > GUI Form. The problem is I don't have that option. I've created a Java project and it compiles and runs fine.

But the only options I get under New are Java Class, File, Package, HTML File, and JavaScript File.

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Yeah, I have the same problem. And the first answer "check that UI Designer is enabled" didn't help -- it's enabled. I'm still looking for the single doc that completely specifies the steps needed to start a GUI module. –  gwideman Jun 1 '12 at 7:08
same here. plugin is enabled, but there is no new gui form menu –  Kirill Bazarov Mar 17 at 13:27

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Double check that you have UI Designer enabled in Settings | Plugins.

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You need the create a package, and after you can create GUI forms.

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