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I have the following variables inside a WHILE loop:


Those represent a time, example:

$row['To'] ="10:00:00";
 $row['From'] = "08:00:00";

In a normal calculation I will do the following to get the hours in difference:

 $result = (strtotime($row['To']) - strtotime($row['From']));
   $hours      = floor($result / 60 / 60);
   $minutes    = round(($result - ($hours * 60 * 60)) / 60);

The problem is that now I have to do in a while loop, where $row['to'] and $row['From'] must be calculated all the times the loop dictate...But I cannot get it work. This is what I tried:

function calculateHours($project, $worker, $year, $month) {
if($project) {
$q='SELECT * FROM project_timeline WHERE ID="'.$project.'" AND Year(Date) = "'.$year.'" AND Month(Date) = "'.$month.'" AND WorkerID="'.$worker.'"';
$q='SELECT * FROM project_timeline WHERE Year(Date) = "'.$year.'" AND Month(Date) = "'.$month.'" AND WorkerID="'.$worker.'"';
 $r=mysql_query($q) or die(mysql_error());   
   while($row = mysql_fetch_array($r)) {
    $result .= (strtotime($row['To']) - strtotime($row['From']));
    $hours      = floor($result / 60 / 60);
    $minutes    = round(($result - ($hours * 60 * 60)) / 60);
 return $hours.' hour(s) and '.$minutes.' minutes';

How can I fix it? Thanks

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Why are you using .= for calculating numbers ( time ) in PHP this is string addition , for adding numbers use +=.

And just for clever code - put $result = 0; in the beginning of the function

PS. Also instead of floor, try to use % -

$result     = round($result / 60);
$minutes    = $result % 60;
$hours      = ( $result - $minutes ) / 60;
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Using return like that inside your while() loop is going to terminate the loop on the first iteration and only ever produce results for the FIRST row of data you've fetched from the database.

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there is no return in while - it is correct – SergeS Feb 2 '12 at 19:56
Ah figures... bad indentation strikes again. – Marc B Feb 2 '12 at 19:57

I would use the DateTime class for this:

// other function code here...

$from = new DateTime($row['From']);
$to   = new DateTime($row['To']);
$diff = $from->diff($to);

return $diff->format('%h hour(s) and %i minutes');
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and where is while loop ? – SergeS Feb 2 '12 at 19:57
@SergeS: I misunderstood what he was trying to do. DateInterval will not work for this, because you can't specify total denomination and get hours/minutes/seconds (it would be a nice addition for a future PHP version, though!). – drrcknlsn Feb 2 '12 at 20:25
You can always do this trick - take first From To, and any next differenc add to first TO time ( so first From-To will make computed difference ) – SergeS Feb 3 '12 at 7:46
@SergeS: That is a nice trick! I never thought about that. Thank you. :-) – drrcknlsn Feb 3 '12 at 15:18

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