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I'm having a ton of trouble making a consistent connection to SQL Server while debugging, lately. We're spending most of our time diagnosing the issue from a server/networking level, but I wondered if there is a common configuration issue that might be at work here.

Here is some general information about the problem. Frankly, I don't even know what information would be relevant. So, any questions welcome.

  • This is a web forms project using LINQ-to-SQL for data access
  • It's a template that is used to create many different sites using a config setting
  • Most of the data retrieval calls are made with ObjectTrackingEnabled = false
  • The SQL Server is mirrored, so the connection string has a fail over partner specified, a connection timeout of 30 seconds, and a Network=dbmssocn
  • The problem is inconsistent - but frequent - and only affects the site when debugging locally.
  • In production, the sites log errors to the DB unless a connection fails in which case they send an email; we have received no dropped connection emails from the prod sites
  • We have not experienced any large bump in traffic in terms of queries running against the SQL Server

UPDATE: After writing the question, I suspected that perhaps the mirrored server setup and time out was causing the issue. Only, after setting up the connection string so that a different one is used depending on whether the site is being run in debug mode or not, I am still having the same trouble connecting.

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This ended up being a bad NIC.

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