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I have standalone, swing based application, that allows the user to enter any URL and it returns the status code.

I want to let the user to enter any URL that works when he uses the same URL in a browser, no matter what the URL is (e.g. parameters with special characters, json strings, etc.).

How can I implement that?

I tried to use URL class, but in some cases, I saw that one web site did not accept a json string I gave, although it was accepted when I copy the URL to the browser.

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Did you check the list which popped after you entered the question's title? It's the same list as you see in the "Related" section in the right hand side. – BalusC Feb 2 '12 at 20:16
Care to provide examples? – noamt Feb 2 '12 at 22:25
OK, here is an example: my.computer.com/input?json={"ID":"123456", "data":{"st":"1.1","application":"google","action":"query"}} – Jonathan Feb 5 '12 at 6:31

You might want to look at the java.net.URI object. Some of the constructors will properly escape extended characters.

URI(String scheme, String authority, String path, String query, String fragment)

Even so, you'll need to carefully encode the query string to make sure the JSON doesn't spill over into other parameters if there are & characters, etc.

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Finally, this worked for me:

String urlStr = "http://abc.dev.domain.com/0007AC/ads/800x480 15sec h.264.mp4";
URL url = new URL(urlStr);
URI uri = new URI(url.getProtocol(), url.getUserInfo(), url.getHost(), url.getPort(), url.getPath(), url.getQuery(), url.getRef());
url = uri.toURL();
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