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I'm trying to call a MySQL stored procedure from Twisted adbapi using the MySQLdb interface but cannot get it to work. I saw that there is a special way to call stored procedure in MySQLdb (callproc), so I was wondering if there was a special way to call it from the adbapi.

My stored procedure takes two fields A_PROCEDURE(field1 VARCHAR(20), field2 VARCHAR(25)) and I'm attempting to call it in my program in the way most obvious to me: dbpool.runOperation("CALL A_PROCEDURE(%s,%s)", arg1, arg2). This attempt called the errback. The procedure works fine if I just test it from my terminal connection to the database.

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You can use runInteraction to do arbitrary database or adapter specific things like this:

def aProcedure(cursor, arg1, arg2):
    cursor.execute("CALL A_PROCEDURE(%s, %s)", (arg1, arg2))
    return cursor.fetchall()

d = dbpool.runInteraction(aProcedure, arg1, arg2)
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