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Im trying to figure out a most basic feature, to create a named route that I can include in my views and code but am unable to get it to work

  match '/user/:username' => "profiles#show", :as => show_profile

How would I be able to include in my views below code:


and have it linked to /user/username ( of the user logged in ) Im using devise and rails 3.2 and searched upfront for this

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try this:

link_to "cool profile", show_profile_path(username: @user.username)

be sure that you have right search method in Profiles_controller#show

@user = User.where(username: params[:username]).first
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Havent tried this , try today, after looking op the routing docs of rails this should probably work so as I flag it corect answer –  Rubytastic Feb 6 '12 at 7:05

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