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I'm getting errors when doing .find("option:selected") in Zepto.js. Is ":selected" even supported in Zepto? If not, is there an equivalent way to make that work, without reverting to jQuery?

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From skimming through the docs, I don't think so. That said, you should be able to do:

var sel = document.getElementById("mySelect");
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Thanks! I keep forgetting about "regular" JavaScript. =) –  andi Feb 2 '12 at 21:05

Zepto's default modules doesn't support :selected since it's not CSS standard, but you can add the 'selector' Zepto module for that feature (see the Zepto Github page for building the lib with optional modules).

Alternatively, there is this workaround mentioned in the Zepto issues: https://github.com/madrobby/zepto/issues/503

// get OPTION elements for which `selected` property is true
$('option').not(function(){ return !this.selected })
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Try $('select').val(); That seems to work for me.

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$("#YOURselectID").val(); should work fine.

Also :selected will not work fine zeptoJS

You can also try this to get the text of the selected item.

$("#YOURselectID option["+$("#YOURselectID").val()+"]").html(); should work fine.

the format is $(ID option[value]).html();

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