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Im Junior django dev. I need detected 3 types of device, tablet, mobile, or desktop. I find script for detected mobile(https://github.com/macgera/macgera/blob/master/middleware.py), but how i can detect mobile, Tablet and desktop?

Thank you!

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Based on your prior use of mobile detection middleware, I'd recommend the following:

Pick up the Python port of MobileESP ( http://code.google.com/p/mobileesp/source/browse/#svn%2FPython ) (thanks to Mariusz Miesiak for the recommendation) and drop it into a folder named mobileesp in the base of your project (where manage.py is). Throw in a blank __init__.py file so that Python will see it as a package.

Go ahead and create a new file, middleware.py, in that directory, and fill it with:

import re
from mobileesp import mdetect

class MobileDetectionMiddleware(object):
    Useful middleware to detect if the user is
    on a mobile device.

    def process_request(self, request):
        is_mobile = False;
        is_tablet = False;
        is_phone = False;

        user_agent = request.META.get("HTTP_USER_AGENT")
        http_accept = request.META.get("HTTP_ACCEPT")
        if user_agent and http_accept:
            agent = mdetect.UAgentInfo(userAgent=user_agent, httpAccept=http_accept)
            is_tablet = agent.detectTierTablet()
            is_phone = agent.detectTierIphone()
            is_mobile = is_tablet or is_phone or agent.detectMobileQuick()

        request.is_mobile = is_mobile
        request.is_tablet = is_tablet
        request.is_phone = is_phone

Lastly, make sure to include 'mobileesp.middleware.MobileDetectionMiddleware', in MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES in your settings file.

With that in place, in your views (or anywhere that you have a request object) you can check for is_phone (for any modern smartphones), is_tablet (for modern tablets) or is_mobile (for any mobile devices whatsoever).

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Thanks, this suggestion worked great for my app! :) –  Raymond Aug 2 '12 at 6:42
Great answer, worked fine for my project –  Eagle Jun 4 '13 at 15:52
can I detect/distinguish with it ios, android, windows phone? –  andi Apr 4 at 11:37
@andi - Yes, you could use it to distinguish; look at the mdetect python code, there are methods like detectIphoneOrIpod, detectAndroidPhone, or detectWindowsPhone that you could store into boolean variables on the request object. It's well commented, so make sure you are using exactly the detection methods you need. –  Adam Luptak Apr 4 at 21:24
work very well, thanks Adam. Why is the answer not selected? –  learnJQueryUI May 18 at 11:20

Have a look at MobileESP. It has been recently ported to Python for Django web app framework. It can detect various classes and tiers of devices (including smatphones, tablets).

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If you want some quick and simple solution, you can try handset detection's javascript that enables you create simple redirection rules.

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