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I have this jquery script to assign a div tag with data from a url:

$(function() {
  $(".loadlink").click(function(event) {

As well as the #result div, I want to add another div called #crimes which also updates after the one above had ran with data from page2.php.

How can I change this to accommodate that extra div?

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You can target multiple elements by comma separating them

 $("#result, #crimes").load($(this).data('url'));

Or if crimes doesn't exist yet...

//create an element
var $crimes = $('<div />', {  
     id: 'crimes',
     class: 'myclass'

//append the element inside something else 
$("#result, #crimes").load($(this).data('url'));
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that'd load the same data for both tags though wouldnt it? whatever 'url' is set as. – user1022585 Feb 2 '12 at 21:03

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