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In my create user view

<%= simple_form_for @user do |f| %>
<%= render 'shared/error_messages', :object => f.object %>

<%= f.input :size, :collection => @plan, :label_method => :details, 
:value_method =>:name,:include_blank => false %>

Collection/list loads fine. If a user inputs the wrong value and my the page reloads with the error notification, the :size field reloads as a numeric input field and not with my collection/list.

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Are you sure your controller is still assigning @plan when an error occurs? You can confirm that by adding the following to your view to dump the @plan value:

<%= debug(@plan) %> 
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Thanks Dan, After my else in my controller I had to assign @plan again. – RedRory Feb 3 '12 at 1:34

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