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I'm looking for some kind of web based forms management software where non-technical users can create and publish questionnaire-like forms and receive aknowlegement emails once the form is filled out. Something similar to "Visual Studio LightSwitch", but web based.. Anyone know such a product?


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have you tried google docs form creator? –  Adrian Feb 2 '12 at 21:48

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Check out 123ContactForm.

This is a WYSIWYG web form builder you can use for creating and publishing any type of forms and surveys. I use it a lot and love their simple interface (just 3 steps to create a form!) and the good bunch of features they provide.

It's plain simple to create your questionnaire either starting from one of the existent templates they have or assembling your own fields in the drag & drop editor. You can customize every attribute of the form, from the email address where you wish to receive submissions up to styling the appearance of the form. And you can publish the form virtually anywhere (plan HTML pages, Blogger, WordPress, social media). In my opinion for what they charge it's a great collection of features!

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