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How can WCF client detect that server requires security certificate? The detection should happen at runtime.

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The first thing that I have in mind to resolve such issue it will be to connect to that server and call a method or something like that. Put the server call in a try-catch block and read the message at runtime.

For example, I tried this in a application of mine which connected with a server with security certificates, deleting the part for certificates in my clients. I had an error like this:

The client certificate is not provided. Specify a client certificate in ClientCredentials.

So if this Exception is caught, you can detect at runtime that the server requires security certificate.

There may be more Exception messages for this problem. Also, I don't know if it is the best way. But it should work.

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You need to know that up front (design time). There is no foolproof way to know this at runtime (you could guess from an error message but this is not a good idea.) If it is required to decide this only at runtime then client and server must agree on their own protocol to communicate this (e.g. an operation IsCertRequired).

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