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Programming Language of choice is Java. I have written a method in java, to which, i am passing the WebDriver as an argument...

public boolean myMethod(WebDriver webDriver, String option)

This method behaves differently if the browser type is Firefox or HtmlUnitDriver. Now withing this method how do i determine what is the browser type that i have instantiated for WebDriver?

One option that i have is to the method myMethod i should pass the browser type as well. Like...

public boolean myMethod(WebDriver webDriver, String option, String browser)

and during call Myclass.myMethod(webDriver, "One", "HT

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You can use Java ‘instanceof’ operator to decide the driver type.

if(webDriver instanceof HtmlUnitDriver) {
    System.out.println("HTML DRIVER");
}else if(webDriver instanceof FirefoxDriver) {
    System.out.println("FF DRIVER");
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