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How can I get the label of the link that is clicked by the user?

I have tried:

var elem=document.getElementById("#{id:link1}");var lbl=elem.label;

But this is not returning the label name.

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The "label" property of a Link control is called text so the following server-side Javascript will get you the value of the label of the link and store the value in the variable "label":

var linkControl = getComponent("linkExample");
var label = linkControl.getText();
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thanks.It worked on SSJS. I was able to do on client JS as follows. var id = "#{id:link1}"; alert(dojo.byId(id).text); –  user1186272 Feb 2 '12 at 22:41
As a follow on from this. This is a common piece of code. I would recommend getting the XPages cheat sheet from xpagescheatsheet.com . –  Simon O'Doherty Feb 3 '12 at 10:28

In Xpages [xp:label] tags turn into [span] tags so on csjs you have to use the innerHTML to get the value so your original code would have worked had it been.

var elem=document.getElementById("#{id:link1}");

var lbl=elem.innerHTML;

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