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Since my application is getting bigger, I decided to fragment my project into several modules, but the documentation from Swiz on Modules is very poor ( I tried out the Swiz Examples ( but I couldn't inject any data into my module or even catch an event. The module is loaded properly however.

Ideally I will end up having multiple Flex-Projects, each containing one module and each .swf file is deployed into the application deploy folder.

However if you aren't famililiar with a structure like that, but instead you know how to inject data/event mediating into a module inside the same Flex project, I'd also be happy to read your advice/knowledge.

Any helpful answers welcome.

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I don't know Swiz, but I have had great results using SwiftSuspenders - you can have very complex modular structures completely decoupled and loaded separately.

What might be an issue you want to check first, though, is which ApplicationDomain you load your module into: If you are going to use a common class loader, inject data and catch events properly, it should be loaded into currentDomain.

In any case - SwiftSuspenders is worth looking at...

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