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After I run a shell script (which call a bunch a other scripts depend on conditions. which is too complicated to understand), I can execute a command 'gdbclient' at my MacOS terminal.

But when I do 'which gdbclient' and 'alias gdbclient', it shows nothing. Is there anyway for me to find out what 'gdbclient' is actually doing?

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have you located 'gdbclient'? e.g. $ locate gdbclient –  miku May 26 '09 at 19:09

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You can open up another terminal window and type: ps

That will list all the running processes.

If your script is running as a different user than the current one, you can use ps -ef to list all running processes.

If you know the PID of the process that ran your script, you can find all child processes via parent PID using ps -f | grep [pid]

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You can use the Activity Monitor to check things out pretty thoroughly. To get the right privileges to see everything going on you can do:

sudo open /Applications/Utilities/Activity\ Monitor.app/
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Dtrace can give you some helpful information: dtrace

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to find process 'gdbclient':

ps aux | grep gdbclient

That wont tell you what it's "doing" but that it's running

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