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I created a SOAP server outside of Magento (lets call it www.example.com/soap/). The directory /soap looks like this:


There are helper classes that I'm ignoring because the users don't see those. What I want to do is move this code into a Magento module and use the router to avoid forcing users to change their URLs. Is this possible? For example, when a user requests www.example.com/soap/example.wsdl I want to route that to My_Newsoap_IndexController::wsdlAction().

This is what I've got in my config.xml right now:

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Conditional yes, but not the way you're thinking. The <routers/> tags in the Magento config setup a very specific sort of routing. In plain english, you can say

"URLs that start with this <frontName/> should be handled by this module"

Outside of that though, there's no further way to setup custom routes by configuration alone.

What you can do is configure a custom router object, and then write PHP code to implement your routing logic however you want to. The how of this goes beyond a simple Stack Overflow answer, but you can get the full story in this series of articles, or see an example of custom routing in the simple page module, (self links).

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Excellent, thanks Alan! –  gandalf007 Feb 3 '12 at 13:13

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