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I have 2 Rails applications that both need to access a 3rd party API. Only one of the apps in under my control, the other is separate and beyond my control. The other application uses OAuth to grab a token and process requests. I'd like to somehow piggyback off of that app's OAuth token, but I need some way to securely transfer it to my app. I have the agreement of the separate app so that's not a problem, assuming we can find a solution that is secure and as hassle-free as possible.

The biggest rub is that both these applications live on the same page (one displays the whole page while the one under my control is just responsible for some AJAX requests). This is why I can't just authorize a second time, my AJAX-only app doesn't have a login interface and just needs to stand on the shoulders of the main application.

Right now, I can't think of a solution that doesn't involve passing an unsecured token in the HTML source, which leaves my AJAX app vulnerable to attack. Also, I'd like to avoid having the Rails app have to create routes to funnel my AJAX requests through their server.

Any suggestions on how to get my AJAX-only Rails app to utilize the primary Rails app's OAuth would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Could it be possible for the owner of the tokens to create a readonly database account for you?

Perhaps, the owner of the site, and you could use the OAuth strategie as well? (This could create significant overheads, but it will ensure the security of the tokens)

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