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Is there any way to add a preloaded sqlite database to a necessitas or qt project? I try to copy it directly to /data/data/my_project/files7 in the emulator and I dont have problems, but when I tried to copy it to and Samsung Galaxy Gio It said that I dont have permission, is there anyway to solve this without rooting the device or includiong the database in the project?

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Yes. You can add any files to your apk file. To do this just add these strings to project file:

deployment.files = cfg.init
deployment.path = /assets/data/data/org.kde.necessitas.example.<package_name>/files
INSTALLS += deployment

There are two restriction: all deployement files are READONLY, and they can be opened only by using AbsolutelyPath.

So, I have solved these problems by adding some code to the program:

if (!QFile::exists("cfg.db"))
    QFile dfile("/data/data/org.kde.necessitas.example.<package_name>/files/cfg.init");
    if (dfile.exists())
        QFile::setPermissions("cfg.db",QFile::WriteOwner | QFile::ReadOwner);

That's all :)

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I haven't tried this, but how about using this : Qt Resource System.

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