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What is the difference between these three methods of getting mouse coordinates:

  • [NSWindow convertBaseToScreen]
  • [NSEvent* locationInWindow]
  • [NSWindow mouseLocationOutsideOfEventStream]

I already checked the documentation, but the descriptions were too technical. Could someone explain the difference between these three in simpler terms?

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Every window and every view has its own coordinate system, which (unless you've modified it) starts at (0, 0) in the bottom-left and counts up and to the right. -[NSEvent locationInWindow] gives you the location where the event took place the window's coordinate system (that is, (0, 0) is the bottom-left of the window). -[NSWindow convertBaseToScreen:] takes a coordinate in the window's coordinate system and converts it to screen coordinates, so that (0, 0) now means the bottom-left of the whole screen.

-[NSWindow mouseLocationOutsideOfEventStream] gives you the location (in the coordinate system of the window you send it to) where the mouse is right now, unrelated to any event. This is rarely useful information.

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Thanks, your answer was perfect. Just one thing- you said mouseLocationOutsideOfEventStream returns the coordinates of the mouse's position in the window's coordinates. What would happen if the mouse is outside the window though? –  fdh Feb 3 '12 at 1:24
@Farhad: All coordinate systems are basically infinite — they just aren't all visible. For example, if the mouse is two pixels to the left of the bottom of the window, the coordinates are (-2, 0). –  Chuck Feb 3 '12 at 1:35
Got it, thanks again –  fdh Feb 3 '12 at 1:50

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