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I miss WPF / Silverlight's auto-layout controls (like StackPanel and Grid) when writing the equivalent UI for iOS using MonoTouch.

I'm hoping that instead of reinventing the wheel, someone has already created these :-)

I've found a stackpanel for iOS github project but being a newbie to MonoTouch, I'm not sure how I would integrate the Obj-C code into the Mono project.

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I've found a stackpanel for iOS github project

The stackpanel code seems based on UITableView and offers a simpler API for a specific case.

I'm not sure how I would integrate the Obj-C code

In general you can compile existing objective-c into a library (using Xcode) and create managed bindings for it. However in this case the code looks quite small so it might even be easier to translate to C# (and provide an API closer to Silverlight's StackPanel).

But I strongly suggest you to look at MonoTouch.Dialog which offers you a simpler API for tables, including support for owner-drawn elements. It's also very easy to extend (using C#) to create your own elements. See the Sample project to see them in action.

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Thanks Sebastien. Yeah, the stackpanel is indeed based on UITableView and the "simpler API" isn't really worth the trouble for me because I have to compute the size of the subviews anyway (i.e. there's no magic autosizing). I'll take a look at MonoTouch.Dialog - thanks! (I've already found Miguel's code for simulating MessageBox and created a Silverlight-compatible code wrapper for it - quite handy!) – Omri Gazitt Feb 3 '12 at 4:46
Um, the MonoTouch.Dialog stuff is amazing. An enormous shortcut for creating iOS UI. IMHO - between the attributed classes, fluent API, and JSON syntax, a more powerful / flexible UI builder than any I've seen. THANKS for the pointer! – Omri Gazitt Feb 3 '12 at 6:05

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