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May i know how to get the return status of a custom action (that is running a command line) and use it as a condition to run certain event/show dialog? For example, in a dialog, when i click on the next button, it runs a custom action. Then, if the custom action run suceessfully, go to the next dialog. Otherwise, show the dialog with error message. Does anyone have any idea or example codes that i can refer to?

Thanks a lot.

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You can use some property, and assign some value based on the result of custom action and use this property to go to next dialog or show error message. –  vinay Feb 3 '12 at 5:34

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I guess MSI does not support what you want.
You can either instruct it to fail if .exe had non-zero exit code or to ignore it. If you want the exit code, write a DLL custom action which will start the .exe and get its exit code. Then you'll be able to set a property in MSI session and use it in condition.

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Building on what vinay has said:

A great article: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/43564/WiX-Tricks#_Toc245109720

The last part of the article gives you a good guidance on passing parameters around.

String propertyValue = session["PROPERTYNAME"]; //gets a property value from wix file
session["PROPERTYNAME"] = propertyValue; //sets a property value that can be used in wix file
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