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I am getting this error with a c++ program

malloc.c:4636: _int_malloc: Assertion `victim->fd_nextsize->bk_nextsize == victim' failed.

I cannot post the code. so i am only going to ask for pointers not for detailed help. Is it something related to realloc? or free?

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It most likely means your program is writing outside the space that it was allocated, and you trampled on some of the control information malloc() keeps. Assume the problem is in your code, and your library is simply telling you, rather than crashing.

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malloc.c:3806: _int_malloc: Assertion `victim->fd_nextsize->bk_nextsize == victim' failed.

Try to do a "make clean" to remove old object files. I had originally implemented with new-operator then later on reimplemented as normal class member. Then this popped up in my face. Wonder why my build-system didn't catch this one.

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perhaps this link may be of some help

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That was certainly someone running into the same assertion failure. It is not clear that it helps anyone know where to look for the trouble. – Jonathan Leffler Mar 29 '13 at 16:47

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