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I have problem with seamless gem

  adapter: jdbcmysql
  database: mydb_development
  username: read_user
  password: abc123
  pool_adapter: jdbcmysql
  port: 3306
    port: 6000
    username: master_user
    password: 567pass
    - host:
      pool_weight: 2
    - host:

it should read for slave right [] ? but it was weird.. it always read to master database [mydb_development] .

do you have any suggestion, how should i do to configure this gem for default read to slave database?

Thank you

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Specify pool_weight=0 in the master configuration

By default, the master connection will be included in the read pool. If you would like to dedicate this connection only for write operations, you should set the pool weight to zero.

seam_leass_database_pool plugin

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