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I must be missing something really obvious.

I have created successfully an Event with the graph API

I now want to put a link on the event page

When i use the code below, it creates a message but not a link. So please someone what am i missing. I do get a linkid back as well as you can see the message on the page.

So this is the pretty simple code.

        $fb = new Facebook(array(
        'appId'      => FB_APP_ID,
        'secret'     => FB_APP_SECRET,
        'cookie'     => true,
        'fileUpload' => true 
        $fb->setAccessToken($_SESSION[ $eid.'_FB_USER_ACCESSCODE' ]);

        $data = array(   'access_token' => $_SESSION[ $eid.'_FB_USER_ACCESSCODE' ], 
                         'link'         => 'http://www.thedomain.com', 
                         'message'      => "To purchase your tickets"
        $result = $fb->api($newFBEventId."/feed","post",$data);


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Some more info, When i use the GraphAPI explorer and do a get on the LINK iD returned in the result, it says i have created a type = status not link "message": "To purchase your tickets try 1", "type": "status", "application": { "name": "PBO event Ann(test)", "canvas_name": "pbo_event_announce_t", "namespace": "pbo_event_announce_t", "id": "200264620060959" }, –  randy Feb 3 '12 at 16:49
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This is a Bug and its reported and marked as confidential
With the below text and its also contain security hole

bug report link

Below is my bug report text.
Other details on this report are shown to Facebook employees only

I recently attempted to post on an event's wall using the Graph API, but only the message is posted; Everything else is not showing. e.g.

  • Link
  • Picture
  • etc

There is one more big thing that the post doesn't show; That this post is post "via a Facebook app"

Note: posting on a page or user wall worked and also normal messages posted on an event 's wall.

The most important thing is when the post is shown on the event's wall "it does not show that its posted by a Facebook Application".
This is very dangerous; For example I can make an application and post nonsense on a user's event wall. People will think that this is posted by the user.


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