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Can anyone explain this?

enter image description here

what am I doing wrong?

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Double precision numbers – 32bitkid Feb 3 '12 at 3:20
NAFPQ: not another floating point question! – Mitch Wheat Feb 3 '12 at 3:33
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Math.Round(x:Number) rounds x to the nearest integer value. In your case 28 is the nearest integer value for 28.499999999999996. So here the behavior is correct. What is weird is that 0.285 * 100 is not 28.5, but that is a consequence of the precision of the Number class in as3. Here is a little more information about this and a possible solution:

Innacurate math results

Also you can see this SO question:

Very strange number operation issue

Hope this helps.

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Round is doing the correct thing. 0.285 cannot be exactly represented as a binary floating point value. As you see, when multiplied by 100 it approximates to 28.4999999... which is less than 28.5, so the value is rounded down.

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