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Im using netty3.3 version, I want to read the Body of the HTTP Request which i received. How it is posssible through NETTY 3.3.

Can any body help me.

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In your SimpleChannelHandler implemented class, override the messageReceived method like following,

    public void messageReceived(ChannelHandlerContext ctx, MessageEvent e) throws Exception {
        HttpRequest request = (HttpRequest) e.getMessage();
        ChannelBuffer content = request.getContent();
        LOGGER.info("Received Message[{}][{}]", request.getUri(), content.toString("UTF-8")); // Printing the URI and message body

content.toString("UTF-8") will give the body.

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Just use:

((HttpMessage) e.getMessage()).getContent();

See [1].

[1] http://netty.io/docs/stable/api/org/jboss/netty/handler/codec/http/HttpMessage.html

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