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I'm using dialog in my asp.net app, replacing of previously used 'window.showModalDialog' whats why have to load .aspx pages in to iframe.

I want element inside dialog (that contains the iframe) to be created dynamically, and after closing - I want dynamic element (and its content) to be removed.

$('#dialog_link').click(function () {
  $('<div id="dialog" ><iframe src="Default.aspx"></iframe></div>').dialog(
      width: 200,
      height: 200,
      open: function () { }, 
      close: function () {
        $(this).remove();//have do destroy dynamic element

   return false;

is it right way to do it?

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close: function () {
   $(this).remove();//have do destroy dynamic element

This will work fine. The .remove() call will cause the dialog to be destroyed automatically before it is removed.

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Yes, you are doing it correct. remove will take care of destroying the dialog box.

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I have had success with the following in my close callback:


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