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I used to set up syntax coloring in Eclipse. My standard palette is dark on light, but selected text is inverted (light on dark). The problem is that Eclipse uses my selection background color but keeps the regular foreground color, so I wind up with an unreadable dark-on-dark.

Generally this is on code, so my foreground colors are coming from the syntax-based colors, but I tried this on a plain text file that uses the basic colors from the General > Editors > Text Editors preference. Normal text is "Foreground color" on "Background color" and selected text is "Foreground color" on "Selection background color" -- it seems to ignore "Selection foreground color" entirely.

This is Eclipse Indigo on OS X. I recently swapped hardware and went through a long and iterative process of rebuilding my Eclipse environment, but I could swear that this was working fine previously (on Helios).

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Answering my own question, this looks like a bug in the OS X SWT library; it doesn't honor the background color settings. – Adam Mar 14 '12 at 20:45
Using Kubuntu here... same problem, any ideas/sources for a fix? Both Eclipse 3.7 and 4.2 open up with code black on almost black background after installation, quite a downer for starters ;) – Philzen Sep 4 '12 at 23:15

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I was also having issues with 'selection color' on a dark background. I was interested in changing 'selection background color' and not foreground color though.

A restart of Eclipse worked for me on OS X (other color changes take effect immediately, but 'selection background color' wasn't taking effect until I restarted Eclipse)

I also upgraded to latest version of Eclipse before doing that.

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