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I am a newbie and could not find any suitable answer on this forum.

How can I get MSXML on windows mobile 6.1 device? My project is .Net CF 3.5 based, language C# and would like to XSLT transformation capabilities. I got to know that it is possible to use MSXML in windows pc os. But how to make it work for a windows mobile application?

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Back before Microsoft killed the platform I was able to use MSXML. I'm pretty sure it is in there, though I was doing native development and not .Net/CF. Maybe CF lacks the necessary wrapper classes for this COM library? –  Bob77 Feb 7 '12 at 17:31

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I have used the gnome xml libraries successfully on WindowsCE. Both libxml2 and libxslt are a good avenue to explore for you requirements.

I have also successfully used libxmlsec, which I doubt Microsoft is even close to supporting.

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