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How can I assure that a Spring bean is a singleton?

I'd implement the Interfaces ApplicationContext, InitializingBean and BeanNameAware.

In afterPropertiesSet() I'd call isSingleton(String) with the Bean's name.

Is there another way to make sure that a Bean is a singleton?

Because according to the API:

Note that it is not usually recommended that an object depend on its bean name, as this represents a potentially brittle dependence on external configuration, as well as a possibly unnecessary dependence on a Spring API.

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If i recall correctly, a spring-managed bean will be a singleton by default (for current versions of the spring-library), unless you define the scope to be of type 'prototype'.

Check: Default scope of spring beans


The singleton scope is the default scope in Spring

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Yes, and I want to make sure, that this is the case. – user321068 Feb 3 '12 at 8:11
@BernhardV Then you dont have to do anything in particular - its singleton by default. – quaylar Feb 3 '12 at 8:13

You can do it "the Java way" with AtomicBoolean flag:

private static final created = new AtomicBoolean();

public void ensureSingleInstance() {
    if(created.getAndSet(true)) {
        throw new IllegalStateException("Trying to create second instance");

But do you really need such an assertion? Beans have scope="singleton" by default...

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