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Hi All,

I am running a C# console app that is using the Twitter Stream API. My code is below

 JToken json = JObject.Parse(ResponseStream.ReadLine());

For every +- 20 tweets, I get the following error "Error reading JObject from JsonReader".

I copied the json into JSONLint and it is valid, so I am perplexed to why this keeps happening. Has anyone else had this error?

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Yes, and it just started happening recently. I believe it is either a bug with NewtonSoft.Json or a change in the twitter api causing it to send bad jsons. I did a packet capture and found the offending character by counting them, but I didn't see anything wrong. I think we will just have to wait for this bug to be fixed.

update I downgraded Newtonsoft.Json.dll to 4.3.* and it works fine.

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I found the issue. Sometimes the stream returns an empty string. Therefore parsing an empty string will throw an error. An example below on how I protected against it:

public static void ProccessTweet(object objMessage)
        if(objMessage.ToString() != "")
            var json = JObject.Parse(objMessage.ToString());
            if (json["retweeted_status"] == null)
                var message = ProcessNewTweet(json);
                Db.Votes.Add(new FNBVote
                    Message = message,
                    Entry = Db.Entries.Find(message.Entry.EntryId)


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