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I have a 6 digit integer.
How can I bump a each individual number so each number increases or decrease by 2?

ex."999999" to "111111"

I was thinking maybe spliting the number into pieces and then concatenating it back.

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Ok now I am trying to find a way to do it with the % operator. – user1074989 Feb 3 '12 at 8:53
I would not actually call this "shift", because it is no shift. Anyway, I recently came across the problem of splitting an integer into its digits in Java and found it to be quite complicated to accomplish – Michael Schmeißer Feb 3 '12 at 8:58

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Might be more efficient way, but if you are dealing only with 6 digits number, the performance issue is neglectable.

Iterate over digits [using the % and / operators on the original number], and for each digit, calculate its +2 value [with %10], and add it to the new number, with the approppriate exponent.

int x = 999999;
int $ = 0;
int exp = 0;
while (x > 0) { 
    int t = ((x % 10) +2) %10;
    $ += Math.pow(10, exp++) *t;
    x /= 10;

Note: it will break if the number implicitly contains zeros on the left [i.e. if 123 should be converted to 222345]. You can take care of it by iterating while (exp < 6) instead of (x > 0)

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This is not really a mathematical operation or a "shift" in the bit-wise sense. It is a string transformation problem. I recommend that you:

  1. turn the integer into a String
  2. turn the String into an array of characters (decimal digits),
  3. modifying the digits in the array,
  4. turn the array back into a String, and
  5. turn the String into an integer

If your number is provided as a String, you can skip the first and last steps.

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