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My dataset format looks like this

ANU          01-10-2012   01-20-2012 
HARI         01-05-2012   02-05-2012

Now get input through a textbox as 01-17-2012 for a specific employee.

My question is: how to check whether the i/p date is between these two columns (FRMDATE,TODATE) in the dataset?

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Try This

DataRow []_dr= ds.Tables[0].Select( inputDate +">= FRMDATE AND "+inputDate +" <= TODATE");
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I believe the method below will help you, for extra reading material on comparing dates have a look at these two threads:

Using linq or lambda to compare dates

Check if datetime instance falls in between other two datetime objects

using System;
using System.Data;
using System.Data.SqlClient;
using System.Web.Configuration;

public bool IsDateInRange(string date, string employeeId)
    DateTime dateToCompare = DateTime.MinValue;
    bool isInRange = false;

    if (!String.IsNullOrEmpty(date) && !String.IsNullOrEmpty(employeeId) &&
        DateTime.TryParse(date, out dateToCompare))
        DataTable table = new DataTable();
        string connectionString = WebConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["conn"].ConnectionString;
        using (SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(connectionString))
            using (SqlCommand command = new SqlCommand())
                command.Connection = connection;
                command.CommandText = "SELECT TOP 1 * FROM EmployeeDates WHERE EMPNAME = @EmpName";
                command.Parameters.AddWithValue("@EmpName", employeeId);
                SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(command);

                DateTime fomDate = (DateTime)table.Rows[0]["FRMDATE"];
                DateTime toDate = (DateTime)table.Rows[0]["TODATE"];

                //DateTime.Ticks converts a date into long
                //Now you can simply compare whether the input date falls between the required range
                if (dateToCompare.Ticks >= fomDate.Ticks && dateToCompare.Ticks <= toDate.Ticks)
                    isInRange = true;
    return isInRange;
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