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I am working on a Flex 4.6 mobile project, encountering the following behavior from a DateSpinner set as displayMode 'dateAndTime'. When running the app and following these steps (as experiment I have set up a mobile app containing only one HomeView and only one object - a DateSpinner):

  1. set the date in DateSpinner to January 30 or 31 (using mouse or touch)
  2. click (mouse or touch) on February 1 (visible one or two rows below on the DateSpinner)

The Datespinner does spin forward but does not stop at February 1: it jumps to March 1. The same behavior can be observed with March 31 - mouse click on April 1 causes a jump to May 1; with May 31 - mouse click on June 1 jumping to July 1, and so on.

I suspect this behavior is related to the fact that the next month has less days than the prior month (30 instead of 31, or 29 in the case of February 2012), but it is not the behavior that I would like to see when following these two steps. Does anyone know a work around?

When the DateSpinner is set with displayMode as 'date' all is well, but then I would need a second DateSpinner for setting time, which eats up more screen space.

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Anyone have a solution? Did you find the cause and/or a solution? – Fréderic Cox Sep 26 '12 at 14:08
I took the liberty of creating an Apache Flex JIRA issue for this @ – Fréderic Cox Jan 11 '13 at 7:52

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