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I am setting up a mobile iPhone Intranet site with iWebKit. Most of the things work perfectly, except I cannot get formatting of my table right using CSS.

What I have in my HTML (actually ASP since the HTML is created using queries on a database) is the following:

<div id="content">
   <ul class="pageitem">
      <li class="textbox">
         <table class="mytable">
               <th>First type</th>
               <td class="targetok">159</td>

And I've added the following to iWebKit's CSS file:

.mytable {
    border:1px solid black;
    font-family: Helvetica;

.targetok {

I've tried several combinations (also adding table, tr, th and/or td to .mytable) but the table never seems to be formatted. It is always shown without borders, small font, not colored, ...

Since I don't know much about CSS I also quickly followed the CSS introduction on W3SCHOOLS. As far as I can see the syntax is correct.

I seem to be missing something, but can't find it. Is something wrong in my syntax? Or does iWebKit prevent you from adding your own CSS rules?

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To force refreshing you can use this code:

<link href="your.css?1" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />


Where 1 is your version, Safari will retrieve this css because it's like php request.

Or you can add inline styles in <style></style> tag

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Found the cause.

Apparently, iPhone's Safari does not refresh the CSS file when I change it. However, I see no clean way on how to force a refresh on the CSS file. Will enter this as a new question.

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