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In order to enforce C89 code conformance, I would like Visual Studio 2005 not to accept C++-style comments (// my comment), but only C-style comments (/* my comment */).

Is there any available configuration in Visual Studio 2005 for that purpose? Thanks.

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May be relevant: tucuxi.org/c89-c99.html –  moala Feb 3 '12 at 9:21

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Well, sorry for that self-answered question. Everything is there.

Just in case the link becomes unavailable: you need to enable strict mode (/Za), and add either a pragma or a compiler option in order to activate warnings or errors on these comments:

  • for a warning #pragma warning(1:4001) or /w14001
  • for an error #pragma warning(error:4001) or /we4001

All the best

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