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I am converting a codeblock from C# to VB.NET using the http://www.developerfusion.com/tools/convert/csharp-to-vb/

All is going well except for one line which I cannot figure how to convert:

C# source

result.DrawPolyline(Array.ConvertAll<PointF, Point>(pts, Point.Round), true, new Bgr(Color.Red), 5);

Using the converter gives this

result.DrawPolyline(Array.ConvertAll(Of PointF, Point)(pts, Point.Round), True, New Bgr(Color.Red), 5)

The error in the above line is:

Argument not specified for parameter 'value' of 'Public Shared Function Round(value As System.Drawing.PointF) As System.Drawing.Point'.

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Maybe VB.Net thinks Point.Round is a function and not the value of an enum, and thus asks you a parameter. What happens in your intellisense (or same) when you type Point. after (pts, ? –  Eregrith Feb 3 '12 at 9:43

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This should convert an Array of PointF to Point:

result.DrawPolyline(Array.ConvertAll(Of PointF, Point)(pts, Function(p) Point.Round(p)), True, New Bgr(Color.Red), 5)

You need to pass the PointF to Point.Round.

Tested with:

Dim pts As PointF() = {New PointF(123.23, 12345.23)}
Dim r = Array.ConvertAll(Of PointF, Point)(
            Function(p) Point.Round(p))

It would also work if you would pass the delegate to Point.Round as @Jon has mentioned:

Dim pts As PointF() = {New PointF(123.23, 12345.23)}
Dim r = Array.ConvertAll(Of PointF, Point)(
            AddressOf Point.Round)
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The second argument to Array.ConvertAll should be the a the method used for the conversion (see here)

Its possible that the line is missing the AddressOf before the Point.Round call, so that the method is passed as the delegate, rather than being executed, as follows:

result.DrawPolyline(Array.ConvertAll(Of PointF, Point)(pts, AddressOf Point.Round), True, New Bgr(Color.Red), 5)
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