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I write certain code in my form resizeend event. Now problem is when form is moved by clicking and dragging on the caption bar, resizeend event is fired and code is executed even though form size is NOT changed.

I gone through MSDN documentation for Resizeend event and it says that event will fire when form is moved (don't understand why it's required when size is NOT changed).

For resolution i put the if condition to check if size is changed like below to stop execution of code on form move:

int Prv_Height; int Prv_Width;
private void TemplateGrid_ResizeEnd(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (this.Size.Width != Prv_Width || this.Size.Height != Prv_Height)
        Prv_Width = this.Size.Width;
        Prv_Height = this.Size.Height;
        //Other code here when form resize ends...

So is there any way to stop resizeend event to fire when form is moved? or any other better approach to solve the problem?


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You could move your check for sizechange to a new baseform. On derived forms the resizeEnd event will then only fire if the size is actually changed.

public partial class CustomForm : Form
    private Size _prvSize;

    public CustomForm()

    protected override void OnShown(EventArgs e)
        _prvSize = this.Size;

    protected override void OnResizeEnd(EventArgs e)
        if (this.Size == _prvSize)

        _prvSize = this.Size;

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