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I am using log4j for logging in my Java project. My conversion pattern is as below.

ConversionPattern=%d{MMMMM dd,yyyy HH:mm:ss} %-5p [ %C{1} - %M() - %L ] - %m%n

Now for all Java classes, it prints output as:

February 03,2012 15:18:41 DEBUG [ RadiusClientConfigBean - initialize() - 63 ] - RadiusClientsConfigBean.initialize() Called

But for JSP pages it prints as:

February 03,2012 15:19:00 DEBUG [ managevoippolicy_jsp - _jspService() - 443 ] - VoIP Policies = 4

which is not the actual line number of that JSP page. How can I print line numbers for JSP pages.

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A way to determine the original line number from a JSP would be JSR-45 Debugging Support for Other Languages The JSP compiler creates a SourceMap (SMAP) which you could use. (I wouldn't recommend this for production).

AS a starting point this discussion might be helpful:


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Your JSP is recompiled as a servlet class, so you will never be able to match them back to your original page.

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Then what if I want to print line numbers of that JSP page into log file ? – Bhavik Ambani Feb 3 '12 at 9:57
As said: you aren't able to do that. That's the disadvantage of a page that is recompiled out of your control. It is not recommended to put logic in your jsp-file, but use MVC. In your controller, you do have control over the line numbers. (unless you use an AOP framework like aspectj which recompiles your code after wiring their code) – Kurt Du Bois Feb 3 '12 at 10:00

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