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because of compatibility issues, I compile my project in VS2008 in release mode, but I need to access debug information. That is why I manually set up debugging settings in project properties for release mode. In VS2008, I open Properties window and select:

  1. Configuration Properties/C/C++/Optimization = Disable /Od
  2. Configuration Properties/C/C++/General/Debug Information Format = Program Database (/Zi)
  3. Configuration Properties/C/C++/Linker/Generate Debug Info = Yes (/DEBUG)

I use a pro-file to configure my project's vcproj-file. Every time I alter this pro-file, I have to reload my project and the the debug settings are lost. I want to include three settings mentioned above into the pro-file, so that after changing it, I do not need to set up debugging settings again.

I have already googled and I have also looked my question up in QT reference, but I could not find anything. I will be happy to receive any suggestion!

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OK guys, I have figured it out.

In the QMAKE file myproject.pro, insert following commands:


This should work!

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