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I have built a report using Report Builder 3.0 (that uses SQL Server 2008 R2). Now i wish to now how many records are being fetched from database to the report?

This is possible either by count function in SSRS or by using RANK/ROW_NUMBER function in SQL Query and assigning that as field to the report (RANK/ROW_NUMBER would give us rank to each row and navigating to last page in report would help me getting the total row count).

I tried count function but that counts on some field in the report. For instance = Count(Field!FieldName.value, "DataSetName") Problem in this approach: "FieldName" is not unique in the report and hence the counts get repetitive

Second option: Added Rank/Row_Number but they too use the same kind of fieldName and hence here too the counts get duplicated.

Main Problem: There is no field in my query that is unique (and hence i tried ROW_NUMBER())

How can i find the total row count or rank (for each row) in SSRS 2008?

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Use the CountRows function. For example


will give you the number of rows in MyDataSet.

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It is simple to get row count. Just use of ROW_NUMBER in SQL Query would fulfill the aim – Romil N Feb 9 '12 at 6:57

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