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I just installed WinMerge and checked its "Integrate with ClearCase" option. ClearCase now runs Winmerge when i execute "compare with previous version" on my java source files. However, when I run the same command on an xml file, it opens xml diff merge. How can I get it to open Winmerge instead?

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See for instance "How do I integrate Beyond Compare with ClearCase?"

You need to modify

# up to ClearCase 7.0
c:\program files\rational\ClearCase\lib\mgrs


# ClearCase 7.1 and more
c:\program files\IBM\RationalSDLC\ClearCase\lib\mgrs

See the technote swg21256807 for detail on Changing the XML Diff/Merge Type Manager.

For any type manager that uses xmldiffmrg, replace the xmldiffmrg executable with your own.

Example (not for your tool, but you get the idea):

_xml2       compare          ..\..\..\..\KDiff3\KDiff3.exe
_xml2       xcompare         ..\..\..\..\KDiff3\KDiff3.exe
_xml2       merge            ..\..\..\..\KDiff3\KDiff3.exe
_xml2       xmerge           ..\..\..\..\KDiff3\KDiff3.exe

Note: The mapfile uses a relative path from its current location to find the executable.
In this example, KDiff3 was installed to the default directory on Windows (C:\Program Files\KDiff3) thus the relative path defined in the map file reflects as such.

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