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I have a piece of code as follows.

 Select * from abc_table where objectsnames="obj1" or "obj2"......"Obj1000"

Querying for 1000 objects.

Is there any chance for oracle timeout, if I call this query ten thousand times?

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Yuck, really? 1,000 or's? Called 10,000 times? What are you trying to do and how are you creating this query. There must be a better way. –  Ben Feb 3 '12 at 10:45
please, clarify your question...show us the context of this query. how, when, why... –  Luiz E. Feb 3 '12 at 10:48
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I think you want to create a small table of object names and then join, something like:

create table objectnames
  name varchar2(100)

-- populate objectnames
-- could be from a file or another table or whatever
insert into objectnames ... 

-- query from tables
select a.* 
from abc_table a, objectnames o
where a.objectname = o.name

You could also use an EXISTS or IN statement, like

select *
from abc_table
where objectname in (
  select name
  from objectnames
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