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I'm learning WPF and have been trying to create a toolstrip. Is there a direct equivalent of the WinForms ToolStripButton or is the correct way of use just to add a normal button and format it?

I've found that Microsoft have a page that lists WinForm controls and their WPF equivalents here but that doesn't mention the toolstripbutton.

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You can just put buttons inside a ToolBar and it will change the style of the buttons to make them look like a toolbar.


Looks like this:

enter image description here

If you want images in the buttons, you have to do the normal thing of modifying the content of the button.

    <Image Source="..." />
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Cheers Ray, I suspected that, I just wanted to make sure I hadn't missed something obvious. Winforms to WPF is quite a paradigm shift after all these years! –  GrandMasterFlush Feb 3 '12 at 11:50
@GrandMasterFlush yeah it's quite a learning curve. I definitely like it though. –  Ray Feb 3 '12 at 11:50
The more I use it the more it makes sense, I just wish I could visually design the dialogs as quickly as I could in Winforms. –  GrandMasterFlush Feb 3 '12 at 12:08

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