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I am learning zen cart and trying to make a new theme. I googled very much for it and not find any of the good theme development tutorial that will give the functions, constants and files information to develop the theme as available for wordpress, drupal and joomla. Can any one give me the url of guide / pdf that where I can learn the theme development.

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Simple Create replica of folder name default_template located at /includes/templates/ i.e. my_template

Now Edit /includes/templates/my_template/template_info.php

$template_name = 'MY Template';
$template_version = 'Version 1.0';
$template_author = 'Zen Cart Team (c) 2003';
$template_description = 'My Template';
$template_screenshot = 'scr_template_default.jpg';

Go to Admin Panel -> Select Template

Select MY Template from list.

Now you are free to make any dam changes in this new created templates.

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thanx for it and it is the only tutorial available on net but I need full tutorial that will explain the zencart functions and constants and the file descriptions (which file to change for specific changes). –  Dau Feb 6 '12 at 5:24

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