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I have a basic question, what is the latest version of Eclipse that is available for Ubuntu 9.04?

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I recommend you to download latest version from eclipse.org. –  Sharique May 28 '09 at 4:51

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The version that is in the official repositories is 3.2.2, here's a PPA with version 3.4.1, and there's no reason why you can't download the latest version from eclipse.org if you want.

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I just recently downloaded and installed Eclipse 3.4.2 Ganymede on my Ubuntu 9.04 system.

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This is kind of an old article, but it still applies. It goes through installing Ubuntu from eclipse.org


It also talks about installing Tomcat, but you don't need it.

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There's usually a fairly recent version of Eclipse in the Ubuntu repositories. But if you want the cutting edge, this question on askubuntu has detailed instructions on how to extract eclipse into a directory (the preferred method on, say, Windows) and how to fix up all the links and shortcuts afterwards.

Personally, I prefer extracting eclipse to a user directory on Ubuntu, and this works fine for Eclipse 3.7.2

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