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I have created an IMAP-Server (I use the component from LumiSoft). It is working so far. But when I now connect with Microsoft Outlook 2010 to it, I will receive the fallowing message many times:

    Your server reported a UID that does not comply with the IMAP 
    standard. This typically indicates a server bug. Your program may 
    not function properly after this.

    MsgSeqNum 2, New UID 14536. Prev UID: 14558, Next UID: 0.
                Protokoll:        IMAP
                Anschluss:        143
                Fehlercode:       0x800CCCDC

I think I am doing something wrong when the Client is requesting the MessageInfos. Does someone can give me an idea, what I can do to solve this?

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I guess that outlook complains about "Next UID: 0."

How many messages you have in folder(zero ?) ?

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Hi Ivar - I have found it out. The Problem was, that I haven't give the UID's in sorted List. When I sort it, it is working. –  Thomas Kehl Feb 7 '12 at 11:02

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