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... to be more precise: the browsers don't work with the Goldilocks I tweaked a little ... :/

The Goldilocks Approach > goldilocksapproach.com

My site (in progress) > amordetango.nl/txp/test

It has to be a minor thing but I'm glossing over it ...

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It's only because media queries are not supported by IE <= 8

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Boris ... Goldilocks does the responsive thing with em's (for a good reason) and indeed IE7/8 doesn't support media queries. You can use respond.js but that script only works if the media queries are pixel-based. Nevertheless IE7/8 should render the desktop layout ... and now they do (well ... allmost) because now I included the correct path to the proper .css file ... :% –  redfox Feb 3 '12 at 14:30

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