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I've found this one: http://www.niwi.be/post/django-sse-html5-server-sent-events-django/ but it seems pretty rough around the edges and being at version 0.2 doesn't make me all that confident in it.

I know that SSE support isn't exactly rocket science so maybe it just isn't required but I thought I'd see if anyone else was aware of any other projects or modules that would help.

I'm looking for a commonly used module suggestion or a firm "just do it yourself" type of answer.

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Just sayin', version numbers are not good indication about maturity. Long time ago version 1.0 meant "finished", nowadays for example newest stable Firefox is 11, and it's far from finished. –  Olli Apr 7 '12 at 11:07
It's true. I did also have a look at the implementation. It's probably capable of what I'm looking to use it for, but also felt a bit awkward to use. However I'm new to both Python and Django so I might be way off @Olli –  Kevin Apr 8 '12 at 17:16

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Sample Django SSE view:

class SSEView(View):
def  dispatch(self, request):
    response = http.StreamingHttpResponse(streaming_content=self.iterator(request=request), content_type="text/event-stream")
    response['Cache-Control'] = 'no-cache'
    response['connection'] = 'keep-alive'
    return response

def iterator(self, request):
    Yield unseen events (based on session timestamp)
    user = request.user
    while True:
        user_ts = request.session.get("user_ts")    # Last seen
        sse = EVENT.find_one({
            "ts": {"$gt" : user_ts},                # New event, after last-seen
            "user_id": user._id},                   # Only requester's event
        if not sse:
            yield sse
            request.session["user_ts"] = sse["ts"]  # Overwrite latest event time
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